Can I pay via Direct Debit from my Global Account?

Direct debit is now supported by USD, AUD and GBP Global Accounts located respectively in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. You can provide your Global Account details to pay both one-time and recurring bills such as taxes or utilities. This capability is not enabled by default for all Global Accounts.

> How to check if this capability is enabled on your Global Accounts

When will other currencies be enabled for Direct Debit from my Global Account?

We understand that this is a critical functionality for many of our customers, and our teams are currently hard at work to enable Direct Debit payouts across all our Global Accounts and with support for more currencies. 

In the meantime, join our waitlist to be the first to know once this feature is available on your account.

What if I need to issue a refund via my Global Account linked to a payment gateway / e-commerce store?

Most platforms will attempt to initiate refund transactions via Direct Debit if there is no immediate balance available, which may cause delays if the transaction is declined. 

In order to avoid this, we encourage all of our customers to maintain sufficient funds on their eCommerce platform or Payment Gateway in case any potential refund transactions need to be processed.

If you have Global Accounts located in other countries linked to an account that falls into this category, please know that payment gateway / e-commerce stores will be unable to initiate refund transactions via Direct Debit.