How to withdraw money from your Wallet


Withdrawing funds from your Wallet is easy!

In short, withdrawing money from your Wallet is done much the same as creating any transfer to a given recipient. The difference is that in this case you are the recipient and you'll be initiating a transfer to the bank account affiliated with your business.


To do so, simply navigate to the Wallet section of the WebApp, where you'll see the option to "Send Money." 

(Alternatively, you can also initiate this process from the Transfers section)



Assuming this is your first time withdrawing funds from your Wallet, you'll want to send the transfer to "Someone New."



First things first, you'll choose which Wallet currency to withdraw funds from and you'll want to enter the country and receiving currency of your business' bank account. There is NO withdrawal fee, but select transfer methods may incur a fee charged by our banking partner (eg. SWIFT, FedWire), and if there is a currency conversion involved the standard conversion fees will apply.



Next up, you'll need to select the transfer date and purpose of transfer. We conveniently have "Transfer to own account" listed as an option for you here!



Following this, the next step will prompt you to enter the affiliated banking details and business details of yourself, the recipient. Once you fill that information out, you'll be able to review the withdrawal as you've set it up. If everything looks good, just go ahead and click "Create" and you should see the funds land in your bank account shortly! You'll also have the option of saving your bank details as a "Contact" so that you won't have to fill out the banking/business information in the future. Next time you do this, you'll simply want to pick an "Existing Recipient."



If you run into any issues along the way, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team.