What fees will apply to my transfer?


When you create a transfer with Airwallex, you can rest assured that there is NO transfer fee from Airwallex' end.


That being said, there are several types of payment that automatically incur a small fee from our banking partners:

  •  SWIFT transfer (any currency) - $10-30AUD depending on SWIFT fee structure
  • US domestic FedWire (USD) - $10AUD
  • Singapore domestic RTGS (SGD) - $10AUD
  • Hong Kong domestic RTGS (CNY, HKD, USD) - $10AUD

Additionally, if there is an FX Conversion included in your transfer, the standard FX Markup will apply on top of the Interbank Rate.


Please note that accounts onboarded with our non-AU entities may have a slightly different fee structure. If you're unsure or curious about this or see fees attached to a transfer that were not addressed above, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your account manager or with our customer support team.

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