How to troubleshoot or disconnect your Xero invoice connection

Please note this integration is only available to Airwallex accounts with entities based in Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Issues with connecting

- If your Xero bank feed is already connected, please ensure sure you are using the same Xero account and organisation to connect to the ‘Xero invoice payments’ integration. 

- If you have previously connected with the ‘Xero invoice payments’ integration or have previously used payment links with your Xero invoices, please check that you do not already have a payment service named 'Airwallex' within your Xero settings. If so, please delete that existing payment service and try again.

How to disconnect your Airwallex account and the Xero Invoice connection

  1. To disconnect, please navigate to your Xero settings and delete 'Airwallex' as a payment service.

  2. Once deleted, you will no longer be able to accept payments on your Xero invoices via an Airwallex payment link