What information do I need to provide on my transfer recipients?

We may require the collection of additional beneficiary information depending on the region and payment method as part of our obligations to local payment networks, regulators and our payment partners. This article provides an overview of the information Airwallex is required to collect on your behalf.

Why am I being asked to update my recipient information?

You will be presented with an error message if your recipient details don’t match the validation rules enforced for that particular transaction type.


To update the details of your beneficiary, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ‘Update’ button in the error message or alternatively navigate to the ‘Contact'.
  2. Update your recipient details based on the helper text for each field. An error will present if the information you entered does not match the required format.
  3. Click ‘Save changes’. You will then be able to proceed with your transfer.

Please note that you are also able to actively manage and review your beneficiaries via your saved contacts under the ‘Transfers/Contact’ page.


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