Xero Connections FAQs - Account Setup

How many Xero organisations can I connect my Airwallex account to?

Each Airwallex account can only be connected to a single Xero account. However, you can connect an indefinite number of Airwallex accounts to a single Xero account. 

Currently, we do not support connecting one Airwallex account to multiple Xero accounts or organisations. If you have multiple businesses, we recommend creating multiple accounts with Airwallex and connecting each one to a separate Xero account. 


I have multiple entities across different regions. What is the best practice to set up my Airwallex and Xero accounts? 

In Xero, each organisation should represent a single legal entity, and each legal entity should have its own legal account. For example, if you have three different legal entities, then you should create three organisations in Xero (each organisation in Xero represents one legal entity) and then connect the corresponding Airwallex account for each entity to the corresponding Xero organisation.


I noticed there is a standard naming convention for Xero accounts created by Airwallex, what’s the rationale and can I change it?

We have applied a standardised account naming for each Airwallex account, which is AWX_{acct nickname}_{CCY} where CCY is the currency of the wallet balance. This naming format helps prevent duplicate account names and user confusion when customers select a Xero account that is already connected to another Airwallex account.

Customers can rename the bank accounts in Xero but we do not advise doing so.


I am a user based in Australia, can I change the BSB and bank account number in the Xero accounts created by Airwallex?

Yes, you can update the BSB and bank account number in your Xero accounts.