Creating a single payment

This guide will take you through the steps required to create a single payment using the Airwallex Web App platform. For information on creating and managing payer and beneficiary contacts, please read the Contact Management Guide.

  1. Select payer
  2. Select currency
  3. Select beneficiary
  4. Enter payment amount
  5. Payment summary
  6. Additional details
  7. Terms and conditions & payment confirmation
  8. Payment confirmed

The payment form is located in the navigation bar on the left side of your browser. Click on the payment icon to create a payment.


1. Select payerScreen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.32.10_am.png

Clicking on the payer drop down menu will show you a list of payers you have saved to your contact list. If you would like to send money from a new payer, select either the + New payer option in the drop down list, or the create new payer button.


Screen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.33.42_am.pngClicking the Edit button will take you to a new screen to make changes to the payer contact if needed. 


Alternatively, if paying from yourself, simply select Pay from yourself



2. Select currencyScreen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.33.58_am.png

Once you have chosen the payer, navigate to the list of currency options to choose which currency to pay from.

All of your available currencies, and the amount available, will be displayed here.





3. Select beneficiaryScreen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.35.57_am.png

To select the beneficiary for the payment, click on the beneficiary drop down menu to see previously added contacts, or alternatively select + New beneficiary in the drop down menu, or the create new beneficiary button.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.36.09_am.pngClicking the Edit button will take you to a new screen to make changes to the contact if needed.

Selecting a beneficiary will automatically update the receiving currency to the correct currency for that beneficiary.



4. Enter payment amountScreen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.36.37_am.png

There are two options to enter a payment amount - the amount to be sent or the amount to be received.

Entering a value under the payer details will automatically update the value under beneficiary to account for the currency exchange rate and Screen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.36.25_am.pngany applicable fees for the transaction.

Alternatively, entering a value under beneficiary will automatically update the value under payer.

This can be used to ensure the correct amount is sent or received after factoring in conversion rates and fees.


5. Payment summaryPayment_Summary.png

A breakdown of send and receive amounts, conversion rate, and fees can be found in the Payment summary to the right of the page.

The exchange rate will be refreshed once every 15 seconds, as indicated by the grey bar.

The payment summary will also include an indicative quote for the total amount payable.

6. Additional details

Before confirming your payment, there are a number of additional details to enter:


This is a short note or reference that will be included on the beneficiary's bank statement.
Note that Airwallex cannot guarantee this will be displayed on the beneficiary's statement in full as the receiving bank may remove or shorten the reference.

SWIFT charge type
If your payment is made using the SWIFT network, you will need to select whether the payer or the beneficiary bears any intermediary fees from using the network. Click on the drop down menu to assign.


For more information on intermediary fees and using the SWIFT network, please contact your account manager, or our customer support team.


Payment date
The payment date will automatically be assigned as Standard. This means that the transaction will be sent within regular processing times.

Select Set if you wish to choose an alternative date to process the transaction. This will open a calendar window from which you can choose the date for the transaction to be processed.
For more information on Standard or Set dates, please contact your account manager, or contact our customer support team.


Click on the reason drop down menu to reveal a list of payment reasons to choose from.

Request ID



Optional: You can also include a Custom Request ID to use to track your transaction. If left blank, a Request ID will be generated automatically.




7. Terms and conditions & payment confirmation

Before confirming the payment, please ensure you have read the Airwallex Master Service Agreement (MSA) and relevant schedules. You must confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the MSA before your payment is able to be processed.

Once all details are entered and you have agreed to the terms and conditions in the Airwallex MSA, click Confirm payment to submit the payment for processing.

If there are any issues with your payment, they will be highlighted at this point.


8. Payment confirmed

After successfully confirming your payment, you will be presented with an overview of the transaction, including the transaction ID, send and receive amounts, fees and the payment and settlement dates.

The payment is now booked. You will receive an email from the Airwallex account team to confirm your booking.

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