How do I provide order information for CNY local payments?

For CNY payments into China via Local payment method, the associated order details are required to support the payment.

You can see your order quota in the order information module. The order quota is the maximum amount you can remit into China. 



Airwallex allows you to provide your order information via two methods. 

Method 1:Link platform

You may link your Amazon or eBay stores with your global account, and authorise Airwallex to get your order information automatically. 

You may refer to below links for more details. 


Method 2:Upload order file

You can fill in the order information template, and upload your order file to Airwallex. 

1. Click "Upload order file"

2. Click "Download Template"


3. Check 'Legend' sheet, and fill in the file according to the instructions


4. Upload order file, then check validation results

You can download invalid items with validation errors and subsequently amend error rows and re-upload. Alternatively, you can click "Upload order file" directly. We will process valid order information. 


5. A confirmation message will appear to indicate that your order file has been processed successfully. Your order quota will reflect a refreshed value at this time. 


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