How to set up your employee with an Airwallex card?


This article walks you through how to set up your employee with an Airwallex employee card. Head here to check out more articles about Cards

Navigate to the ‘Cards’ tab on your Airwallex Webapp


Select ‘Create card’


Select ‘Employee card’ 


Select the employee you would like to create a card for. If you have not invited the  employee to your account previously, then click the ‘Invite a new user’ button to invite the new user to the account and enter their basic details.


Enter the email and name of the employee you would like to invite. We’ll send them an email invitation with prompts on how to get started. To protect your account, this email invitation will expire in 14 days. If this is the first card you are creating for this employee, you will be prompted to provide their full legal name as found on their government-issued documents.


Set any spending limits on the card. You can set daily, weekly, monthly limits, or an all-time limit on the card.


If you would like to order a physical card for this employee, please input the shipping address. If you've chosen to keep this card virtual, you will not be able to convert or order a physical copy in the future. Instead, you can simply order a new dedicated physical card for your employee instead. You are able to add virtual cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay if it is available in your region. See here for more information.

Once complete, click ‘Create card’.


In order to use the card, the employee will need to verify their personal details. They will be sent an email with instructions on how to login and verify their personal details. Alternatively, you can provide this information on their behalf by clicking ‘Provide information’. The physical card will be shipped once their information is verified.


You are able to view a list of all employees and their cards from the ‘Employee Cards’ tab under the Cards section. Once an employee has submitted their details, the employee status will change to ‘Verified’ and the card is ready for use.

Note, for security reasons, only the employee can see the full details of their card. 


When you receive a new Airwallex card, we will send your updated card details to Visa to make sure that your new card details will be shared with merchants where you have subscriptions you pay for with your Airwallex card. Let us know if you do not want us to share your new card details