What is Airwallex real-time fraud protection?

The fraud protection engine conducts real-time scans on every card payment to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. By effectively identifying and blocking fraudulent activities, we ensure the security of your business, while allowing legitimate transactions to proceed without interruption.

Our machine learning model has been trained using a vast dataset of millions of transactions, enabling it to assign a risk-based score to each card purchase. This score indicates the probability of a particular transaction being fraudulent, with higher scores indicating a higher level of risk.

We offer you the flexibility to customise and optimise our real-time fraud protection system to best suit the needs of your business.

How can I view fraud analytics?

The performance of our real-time fraud protection model can be observed on the 'Risk' > 'Analytics' page under Payments tab. The analytics pages display the essential fraud metrics and illustrate how the performance of the risk engine is affecting the overall success of payments and fraud rates.

Risk Analytics.png

How can I make customised watchlists for individual customers?

Customised watchlists can be created on the 'Risk' > 'Configuration' > 'Watchlist' page under Payments tab. These watchlists can be configured to trigger Allow, Request 3DS, or Decline decisions based on various data variables, such as an email or card fingerprint.

Watchlist items can be activated, deactivated, or deleted to effectively manage your risk exposure.

It is important to note that items on the Allow or Request 3DS watchlist may be declined in accordance with compliance rules.

risk watchlist.png

How can I change my risk tolerance?

The risk tolerance of the real-time fraud protection model may be updated via the 'Risk' > 'Configuration' page. There are 5 levels of risk tolerance: conservative, moderately conservative, recommended, moderately tolerant and tolerant. We provide estimates of payment success rate and fraud rate based on the risk tolerance level selected.

Please note that the 'Risk' > 'Configuration' page is only accessible to customers who have a history of good fraud performance with Airwallex. Also payment success rates and fraud rates provided are estimates based on historical performance and may not accurately reflect future performance.