What should I enter as my card's name and billing address?

This article explains what you should enter as the cardholder name and cardholder address at checkout when using your Airwallex Company or Employee cards.

What is the name on my card?

Depending on whether you're creating a company card or employee card, the card in question will have a different cardholder name.

Company card

A company card will always bear the name of your business as the card name.

Screenshot 7.png

Employee cardScreenshot 8.png

Screenshot 9.png

An employee card will always bear the legal name of the cardholder. When setting up a user as a new cardholder for the first time, the cardholder will be able to provide their legal name after signing up for the account, or you may provide their legal name on their behalf. 

Note: After the cardholder’s legal name is provided, we aren’t able to change the name on the card to a different name.

Card Billing Address

The billing address linked to a given card is simply the physical address of your business, as we have it on file. Even if you've had a physical card shipped to a specific residential address, the affiliated card billing address will still be the business' physical address.