Creating a Zap

Please note this feature is not yet available for customers based in the UK or EU How do I set up a zap?

Please see here for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a Zap.
You can also watch the example videos below to learn:

Does each notification count as a task?

Please refer to the Zapier help centre here to learn more about tasks in Zapier.

Can I customise the fields that I want to see in my notification?

You can choose from any of the available fields listed when setting up the zap.

Can I add criteria to my zaps that must be satisfied for a notification/action to be performed?

Yes, you can add filters using Zapier’s native filtering functionality. For example, you can set a filter to be only notified of a payout transaction if the expense was over $200.
See here on how to use Zapier’s filter function.

Will the zaps I create work on pre-existing transaction data?

No, transactions that occurred before a zap was created will not generate a new notification.



How to create a New Beneficiary

Please see here for the template you can use for the 'Create Beneficiary' Zap. Click to view the ZIP file and download to open the CSV on your desktop. 

The template contains examples of a dozen common beneficiary types. If you need more help with filling out these columns - please take a look at our API Docs here, under (Create Beneficiary).

Under the section “Dynamic Schema” you can filter for the beneficiary type and then view on the right-hand side an example request that our API needs to receive. For the Zap, you need to submit data that fits the example request’s format.


How to create a New Beneficiary Notification


How to set up a Low Account Balance Notification


How to set up a Create Cardholder Action