What can I do with Airwallex and Zapier?

Please note this feature is not yet available for customers based in the UK or EU 

Check out our Zapier page here for more information!

Why should I connect my Airwallex account to Zapier?

Zapier can connect your Airwallex account to 1,000+ applications, like Slack, Xero and Google Drive to start automating your processes without coding. Examples of actions provided by Zapier include:

  • Get notified of card transactions via email, Slack, and SMS
  • Create a cardholder for your new starters via a new row in Google Sheets or a response in Typeform Issue Borderless Cards to new starters
  • Create transfer contacts from a new row in Google Sheets or a response in Typeform

Where can I learn more about Zapier?

Please see here for more information on Zapier and answers to their commonly asked questions. 

How much does it cost to connect my Airwallex account with Zapier?

Connecting your Airwallex and Zapier account is completely free!

You will require a Zapier account to use this integration. Please see here for their pricing plans.


Receive a notification when one of the following events occur in your Airwallex account

  1. New Expense: Triggers whenever a new expense is found on a selected card
  2. New Beneficiary: Triggers whenever a new beneficiary is added to your Airwallex account
  3. New Transaction: Triggers on a new transaction
  4. Card Transaction Failed: Triggers whenever a card transaction fails
  5. Low Account Balance Alert: Triggers whenever the account balance for specified currencies goes below a threshold
  6. Approaching Card Limit: Triggers whenever a card reached the provided threshold on any of its configured limits 


Undertake an action in Airwallex via another application e.g. Google Sheets

  1. Create Beneficiary: Creates a beneficiary
  2. Update Beneficiary: Updates a beneficiary by ID
  3. Create Cardholder: Creates a cardholder