What can I do with Airwallex and Zapier?

Please note this feature is not yet available for customers based in the UK or EU 


Check out our Zapier page here for more information!


Receive a notification when one of the following events occur in your Airwallex account

  1. New Expense: Triggers whenever a new expense is found on a selected card
  2. New Beneficiary: Triggers whenever a new beneficiary is added to your Airwallex account
  3. New Transaction: Triggers on a new transaction
  4. Card Transaction Failed: Triggers whenever a card transaction fails
  5. Low Account Balance Alert: Triggers whenever the account balance for specified currencies goes below a threshold
  6. Approaching Card Limit: Triggers whenever a card reached the provided threshold on any of its configured limits 



Undertake an action in Airwallex via another application e.g. Google Sheets

  1. Create Beneficiary: Creates a beneficiary
  2. Update Beneficiary: Updates a beneficiary by ID
  3. Create Cardholder: Creates a cardholder