How to manage your multiple accounts with Account Group?

1. What can I do with Account Group?

Our Account Group functionality allows you to view and manage funds across your different accounts from one screen.

From the one screen you will be able to:

    - View transactions and wallet balances for accounts that make up the Account Group
    - Move funds between accounts in seconds
    - Download combined reports (e.g. Balance Activity and Settlement reports)

Please see the video below for a step-by-step walk through on how to create an Account Group

2. Who can create and manage the Account Group?

Only an account owner can create Account Group. Account owners are only able to create Account Groups for accounts they own. The account owner will automatically become the ‘group owner’ of the Account Group they create. Only a group owner can manage the group (i.e. edit the Account Group name, add or remove accounts). Please note, only an account owner can hold the ‘group owner’ role.

3. Who can access the Account Group?

You can manage user access to Account Group via the ‘Group User Management’ screen. A user must be invited to an Account Group by the group owner. Please note, being invited to access to the Account Group does NOT give that user direct access to accounts that make up the Account Group.


4. What type of accounts can be added into Account Group?

Only accounts that have been activated (KYC passed) can be added into Account Group.

5. Will an action (e.g. transfer of funds) undertaken in the Account Group be reflected in the individual account?

Yes, all actions will be reflected in the individual account. For example, if you transfer USD100 from Account A to Account B in the Account Group view, you will see the transfers reflected in both Account A and Account B’s individual transaction history.

6. Can an account be added to multiple groups?

No. One account can only be added to one Account Group. You can remove an account from the group if you would like to add it to another group.


7. Can Account Group be deleted?

No, once created, Account Group cannot be deleted. You are able to remove all accounts from Account Group however the Account Group itself will still be visible (just empty).

8. Can I transfer money out of an account to a 3rd party account via the Account Group view?

No, if you would like to transfer the funds out from Airwallex, please switch to the account view and transfer the funds from there. 


9. Can I add accounts located in different regions to the same Account Group?

No, you can only add accounts located in the same region to the same Account Group. Airwallex currently supports 6 regions globally, including Great China (China and Hong Kong SAR), Australasia (Australia and New Zealand), European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore.