How do I install and use the Airwallex Bill Payment Plugin on Netsuite

Our NetsSuite bill payment plugin, "Airwallex Payables", enables you to effortlessly settle your domestic and international supplier/vendor bills directly within the NetSuite platform. This is achieved by utilising the funds in your connected Airwallex account. Additionally, you have the option to choose the currency balance from your wallet that is most suitable for your international payment requirements. This is accompanied by the advantage of accessing the same competitive foreign exchange pricing available within your Airwallex account.

Installation guide

Please contact your designated Airwallex account manager to initiate the process. Once the bundle has been whitelisted for your NetSuite account, you can refer to the provided instructions to configure the setup.

Install bundle and configure settings

Step 1. Search for bundle ID 486225 “Airwallex Payables” Customisation > SuiteBundler > Search and Install Bundles) and install to your NetSuite instance

Step 2. Go to Setup > Company > General preferences > Custom preferences to ensure you set up

  • Fee item for any transfer fee incurred (you may set up the item in Lists > Accounting > Items)
  • Folder to store your Airwallex Transfer Notices
  • Check the “CONNECT TO AWX PROD” box if you are connecting to a production Airwallex account.

Establish connection

Step 1. To initiate a connection, go to “Airwallex Connection” and select “Connection Overview”.

Step 2. Click “Manage” in the Bill Pay card

Step 3. Before clicking the “Add connection” button, you will choose the NetSuite Subsidiary associated with your Airwallex account from the dropdown menu. Note that you can connect multiple Airwallex accounts to multiple NetSuite Subsidiaries based on your set up.

Click “Add connection" to connect your Airwallex account for bill payments within NetSuite.

Step 4. The backend API call will request Airwallex send the amount of balance in different currencies in the customer's wallet. Users then click "Save" on the Bill Payment, which instructs our plugin to create a templated payment request to send to Airwallex.

Step 5. The first Airwallex account connected to a NetSuite Subsidiary will be set as the default Airwallex account. If you are paying multiple bills, we will always deduct the balance from the default Airwallex account. You have the option to change the default Airwallex account by clicking “SET DEFAULT"

Create beneficiary

Step 1. To set up bill payments, access the "Airwallex Beneficiary Details" subtab to create a beneficiary.

Step 2. Click the “New Airwallex Beneficiary Details” button to create a new beneficiary.

Step 3. Click “Add Payment Details”.

Step 4. Fill out the beneficiary bank account creation form.

Step 5. Once you have filled out the form and click “Continue”, you can review the payment details on the subsequent page. Note that if this is the first beneficiary created under this vendor, the beneficiary will be set as “PRIMARY BENEFICIARY”.

You will also be required to provide a default value for

  • Bank Payment Reference
  • Reason

Step 6. Finally select the Subsidiary that this beneficiary is applicable to. You can select multiple subsidiaries. Click “Save” to create the beneficiary.

Step 7. Once the beneficiary is successfully created, you can see the record under the "Airwallex Beneficiary Details" subtab. You can click “EDIT” to update the beneficiary details.

Make payment

Step 1. To make payments, you can open a Bill in the “OPEN” status and click "Make a Payment".

Step 2. On the bill payment page, you will be able to:

  • Choose the currency of the Bill
  • Choose the NetSuite account that you intend to pay the bill from
  • Choose the Airwallex account to fund the payment
  • View the balance of the wallet based on the NetSuite account currency
  • Enter the payment reference
  • Select the beneficiary
  • Enter the payment reason
  • View the indicative Airwallex FX rate

Step 3. Then click "Save" on the Bill Payment, which instructs our plugin to create a templated payment request to send to Airwallex.

Step 4. Then click "Save" on the Bill Payment, which instructs our plugin to create a templated payment request to send to Airwallex.

Step 5. You can also execute multiple payments in a single batch (bulk payments). Our plugin iterates through a list of payments (created as a batch in NetSuite) and calls the Airwallex payment API. Multiple bills will be reflected as a single payout item in the Airwallex wallet transaction.

Bill pay_8.png

Bill pay_9.png

When will payments leave my account when using Bill Pay?

Payments will leave your account the day you choose to pay the bill on NetSuite. If the date you choose for us to send your transfer falls on a holiday or non-working day for your recipient’s currency, then we’ll send the money on the next working day. For more information, consult our guide on when you can make a transfer.

What payment methods can I use?

Payments for Bill Pay are deducted directly from your selected wallet balance. The payments will be sent to your vendor via different banking and local payment methods, depending on the country and currency you choose. For more information, consult our payout guide.

What FX rate is used to pay an international bill?

The FX rate used to pay your bill (if paying in a different currency) will be taken at the time of payment. We do not offer the ability to lock in FX rates (including at the time of bill creation). 

The bill payment functionality isn’t working, what should I do?

Please contact Airwallex support if you are unable to pay a bill from your selected wallet balance. 

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