NetSuite Bill Pay

What is Bill Pay?

NetSuite provides you with the capability to effectively manage your payables by promptly recording incoming bills from vendors. Through our seamless NetSuite Bill Pay integration, you gain the convenience of settling these bills within the NetSuite platform, utilising the funds stored in your connected Airwallex account. You are able to pay both domestic and international bills via the bill pay feature. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to select the currency balance from your wallet that best suits your international payment needs, all while enjoying the same competitive foreign exchange pricing available within your Airwallex account.

How does the Airwallex NetSuite Bill Pay bundle work?

Kindly reach out to your dedicated account manager to start the process. Once the bundle has been provisioned to your NetSuite account, you can refer to the following instructions to facilitate the setup.

  1. Install bundle ID 486225 “Airwallex Bill Pay” to your NetSuite instance
  2. To initiate connection, you will connect your Airwallex account to NetSuite via OAuth 2.0 protocol

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    Bill pay_2.png

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    Bill pay_4.png
  3. To make payments, you can view a Bill and click "Make a Payment"

    Bill pay_5.png
  4. The backend API call will request Airwallex send the amount of balance in different currencies in the customer's wallet. Users then click "Save" on the Bill Payment, which instructs our plugin to create a templated payment request to send to Airwallex.

    Bill pay_6.png

  5. Airwallex receives the templated payment from the API call, and converts it into a payment instruction triggering funds to be sent from the customer’s Airwallex account to the beneficiary upon validating the customer's instruction.

    Bill pay_7.png

  6. You can also execute multiple payments in a single batch (bulk payments). Our plugin iterates through a list of payments (created as a batch in NetSuite) and calls the Airwallex create payout endpoint for each of the payments. It will be reflected as individual payouts from the Airwallex wallet perspective.

    Bill pay_8.png

    Bill pay_9.png

When will payments leave my account when using Bill Pay?

Payments will leave your account on the day that you choose to pay the bill on NetSuite. If the date you select for us to send your transfer falls on a holiday or non-working day for your recipient’s currency, then we’ll send the money on the next working day. For more information, consult our guide on Transfer Dates.

What payment methods can I use with Bill Pay?

Payments for Bill Pay are deducted directly from your selected wallet balance. The payments will be sent to your vendor via different banking and local payment methods, depending on the country and currency you choose. For more information, consult our guide on Payouts.

What FX rate is used to pay an international bill?

The FX rate used to pay your bill (if paying in a different currency) will be taken at the time of payment. We do not offer the ability to lock in FX rates (including at the time of bill creation). 

The bill payment functionality isn’t working, what should I do?

Please contact Airwallex support if you are unable to pay a bill from your selected wallet balance.