Company Card Contacts

This article explains how company card contacts work, how they are assigned, their purpose and how the contacts can be edited or removed.

What is a Company card contact?

A Company card contact is an authorised user responsible for making purchases on a virtual Company card. This has been designed to help delegate company purchases to your employees.

If a Company card transaction requires additional verification, we’ll send an authentication code via email or mobile to complete the transaction. Click here to learn more about how card transaction verification works.

Who will be the default Company card contact?

For all your existing Company cards: The account owner will be the default card contact

For any newly created Company cards: You can choose who to assign as card contacts during the creation. You will be pre-selected as the default card contact.

How can I remove or edit a Company card contact?

  1. Select the Company card you’d like to edit
  2. Click on “Manage card”
  3. Click on “Edit card contacts”


What can a Company card contact do on my account?

Company card contacts can do the following on the Company card(s) they have been assigned to:

  - View all card details

  - Freeze/unfreeze the card

  - Authorise transactions, via two-factor authentication (2FA) codes

Company card contacts will NOT be able to:

  - Edit the card configuration such as changing the spending limits, or changing the card contacts (only card admins can perform this action)

  - Cancel the card (only card admins can perform this action)

Here's a short clip on what a Company card contact can see:


Who can assign a Company card contact?

Only card admins are able to assign and edit the card contacts on a Company card.

Who can I assign as a Company card contact?

If you are a card admin, you can assign any invited user as a card contact.

How many card contacts can I have on a Company card?

You can have up to 3 card contacts on a Company card.

You must have at least 1 card contact assigned to a Company card

I have a lot of Company cards, can I edit the card contacts in bulk?

No, unfortunately you can only edit the card contacts on a card one at a time