How to set up Expenses as an admin

This guide will walk you through how to set up and configure Expenses as an Admin. You can also check out our other guides Expense roles and permissions and Approving expenses

How do I configure my expense settings?

To configure your expense settings, follow the steps below. Please note that these configurations apply to both Card Expenses and Reimbursements.

Step 1: Navigate to the Expenses page

Screenshot 150.png

Step 2: Click Settings

Once on the settings page, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage your Xero Expenses and Bills, QuickBooks Expenses and Bills Data, Netsuite Expenses and Bills, or Custom accounting connection
  • Set expense fields as required for submission
  • Configure a start date for processing expenses in your account
  • Deactivate the Expenses product in your account

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Step 3: Set expense fields as required for submission

By default, Airwallex provides four fields: Receipt, Description, Merchant and Comments. If you have already imported your expense data from an accounting provider, those fields will surface here in addition to the default Airwallex fields. Please note that there are slight differences in syncing behaviour between card expenses and reimbursements. See the below guides for more details:

  1. How reimbursements sync to Xero
  2. How reimbursements sync to Netsuite

For each field, you can specify whether you would like it to be displayed to submitters and whether it should be required or optional for expense submissions. For receipts, you can configure the amount threshold above which you’d like to require receipts.

Note: If you set up the Xero, Netsuite, or QuickBooks integration to enable syncing to your chosen accounting provider, the chart of accounts field will always be required for expense submissions.

Step 4: Set up approvals

Screenshot 152.png

Deep dive on custom approval flow setup here

Step 5: Configure a start date for processing expenses

By default, the start date for processing card expenses is set to two weeks prior to the date you activated Expenses for your account. All card expenses incurred prior to this date will automatically be archived, with the exception of those currently in review, approved, or synced.

This start date can easily be adjusted to any date up to your current date. Adjusting the start date will also dynamically adjust which card expenses are archived or restored to ensure that only expenses prior to the start date remain archived.

Please note this only applies to card expenses, not reimbursements.

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