Admin Guide: Deactivating Expenses

If you'd like to deactivate your employee card please see our help centre article here

To deactivate Expenses on your account, navigate to the Settings page. At the bottom of Settings, you will see the option to turn off Expenses. If you choose to deactivate, Expenses will be hidden from your account for all admins and cardholders. 


Important notes

After you deactivate Expenses on your account, your Xero or QuickBooks integration, if previously connected, will continue to stay active and your settings will be maintained in case you’d like to reactivate Expenses at a later point. During this time however, no user in the account will be able to access Expenses to edit, submit, approve, or sync expenses to Xero or QuickBooks.

If you’d like to disconnect the Xero or QuickBooks integration, you can do so separately in Connections.