Payment methods I can offer on my Shopify store if I use Airwallex Online Payments

This guide covers the different payment methods you can offer on your Shopify store. 

Can I offer Apple Pay, Google Pay & Shop Pay, for underlying Visa and Mastercard cards, while using Airwallex for accepting payments through cards and alternate payment methods on my store? 

Yes, you can offer Apple Pay, Google Pay & Shop Pay for your store by enabling them through the Shopify backend, while continuing to use Airwallex for accepting payments for store sales through card schemes and alternate payment methods that we support

What payment methods will be supported on Shopify? 

See here for full list of card schemes plus LPMs here.

Can I use other payment gateways alongside Airwallex to enable other payment methods?

Yes. You are able to configure multiple 3rd party payment providers on your Shopify store.


See here for further information, please read Configuring third-party payment providers on the Shopify website.

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