Which payment methods can I offer on my Shopify store when using Airwallex Online Payments?

This guide provides an overview of the various payment methods that can be implemented on your Shopify store. Additionally, it offers guidance on the necessary steps to be taken in the event that a desired payment method is not available.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of payment methods that are accessible when you integrate Airwallex payments into your Shopify store on this page. Our offerings include a variety of card schemes and local payment methods.

Can I offer Apple Pay, Google Pay & Shop Pay, for underlying Visa and Mastercard cards, while using Airwallex for accepting payments through cards and alternate payment methods on my store? 

It is possible to offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay as payment options for your store by enabling them through the Shopify backend. You can still use Airwallex to accept payments for store sales through card schemes and other supported alternate payment methods.

Can I use other payment gateways alongside Airwallex to enable other payment methods?

Certainly. It is possible to configure multiple third-party payment providers on your Shopify store. For more detailed information, please refer to Shopify's guide on configuring third-party payment providers.

What steps should I take if I cannot find the payment method I wish to offer on Shopify?

Before allowing your clients to use a Local Payment Method (LPM), it is important to verify if certain conditions are met. You can confirm the eligible billing countries and currencies for the shoppers on each LPM by referring to this page. Additionally, please consider the following:

  1. Ensure that the payment method is compatible with your chosen platform, such as Shopify. You can verify compatibility here.
  2. Confirm that the shopper is located in an eligible billing country for the LPM in question.
  3. Ensure that the shopper is using an eligible billing currency for the LPM.
  4. Verify that auto-capture is enabled in Shopify or your platform. Further details on capture can be found on Shopify by following this link.

If, after reviewing the payment methods in Shopify's backend, you are still unable to view them on the redirect checkout page after clicking "pay," it is important to note that Shopify's settings only determine which logos are displayed on the checkout page. In order for payment methods to be visible to customers, please ensure that this feature is enabled on your Airwallex Webapp.

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