How to install and use the Airwallex Invoice Payments plugin on Netsuite

You have the option to install the "Airwallex Invoice Payments" plugin on Netsuite, which allows you to embed payment links into your invoices generated via NetSuite.

A payment link is a URL that can be sent to your customers. Once clicked, this link will direct your customers to an Airwallex payment page. Payments made through this page will automatically be added to your Airwallex account.

Installation Guide

You can refer to the following instructions to install our Invoice Payments bundle.

Step 1. Search for bundle ID 486226 “Airwallex Invoice Payment” (Customization > SuiteBundler > Search and Install Bundles) and install to your NetSuite instance

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 10.08.39 AM.png

Step 2. Go to Setup > Company > General preferences > Custom preferences. Under the Airwallex Invoice Payment section, select the appropriate accounts in NetSuite for each of these fees.

Invoice payment_0.png

Step 3. You will also need to set up the appropriate Airwallex URLs. If you are testing the bundle using your demo Airwallex account, please fill in the following

If you are using your production Airwallex account, please fill in the following

Step 4. To initiate connection, go to “Airwallex Connection (Invoice Payment)” and select “Invoice Payment Connection”

Invoice payment_1.png

Step 5. Click the “Connect Airwallex” button to initiate the connection flow. Make sure that at least one settlement account is chosen when you connect your Airwallex account. We allow customers to select multiple settlement bank accounts and specify a default settlement bank account for non like for like settlements.

Invoice payment_2.png

Invoice payment_3.png

Invoice payment_4.png

Step 6. Create an invoice in NetSuite, entering the required fields and ensure you check the “CREATE AIRWALLEX LINK” checkbox. This will generate an Airwallex payment link when the invoice is created.

Invoice payment_5.png

Step 7. Once you click “SAVE” to create the invoice, an Airwallex payment link is generated. This payment link can be embedded in invoices.

Invoice payment_6.png

Step 8. Once the payment is successfully made by your customer and settled, the invoice status will be marked as “PAID IN FULL” and the invoice payment amount will be credited to your NetSuite accounts.

Invoice payment_7.pngInvoice payment_8.png

Can I customise my Payment Link?

You can customise the following fields via the Airwallex Webapp. Navigate to the ‘Get Paid’ tab and then ‘Settings’.

  • Logo displayed at the top of your payment link
  • Support email and phone number displayed in the receipts emailed to your payers

When will I receive payment via payment links?

You will receive an email notification as soon as the payment is made. Once the payment is received by Airwallex, the settlement timeline into your account depends on the reserve terms you have chosen. For more information please see our article What is a reserve, why do I have one, and how much is it?

What payment methods can my customers use when paying me via the payment links feature?

Your customers can choose to pay with credit or debit cards (visa, mastercard, UPI) and local payment methods such as Wechat Pay and AliPay.

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