How can I enable Direct Debit functionality on my Global Account?

As an Airwallex customer, you have the option to initiate payments via direct debit using your Global Accounts. However, this specific functionality for direct debit payouts is currently limited to the following Global Accounts: USD, AUD, and GBP that are based in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, respectively. You can provide your Global Account details to make payments for one-time and recurring bills, such as taxes or utilities. It is important to note that this feature is not automatically enabled for all Global Accounts.

To determine if this capability is enabled for your account, please refer to the instructions provided below.

How to check if direct debit payout functionality is enabled on your Global Account

Step 1. Navigate to your Global Accounts in the sidebar and click "Create Global Account"

Create GA.png

Step 2. Select a Global Account to view it's complete details

  • Confirm the status of the "Payout via direct debit" feature in the "Account capabilities" section.
    • If it indicates that your Global Account supports direct debit (green tick), this means that this Global Account is capable of transfers via direct debit and you can proceed with providing this information for direct debit purposes
    • If this is not present, please proceed to the next step to create a new Global Account

Payout via GA.png

Step 3. Create a new USD, AUD or GBP Global Account after verifying that the desired Global Account supports direct debit

  • Navigate to Global Accounts in the left hand side menu and click "Create Global Account"
  • On the next page, click on the information icon next to the USD, AUD or GBP Global Account located in the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom to check if the Global Account supports direct debit ("Payout via")
  • If it shows the desired Global Account supports direct debit payout, you can proceed to create this account
  • If it does not, please submit a request to our customer support team to enable this capability before creating a Global Account

Note: Please only raise a request to our team if either of the AUD, USD or GBP Global Account options located in the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom do not show direct debit payout functionality. For all other currencies and locations, we recommend joining our waitlist to be the first to know once this feature is available. We understand that this is a critical functionality for many of our customers, and our teams are currently hard at work to enable Direct Debit payouts across all our Global Accounts and with support for more currencies. 

GA overview.png

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