Requirements to submit a card expense

Are there limits to file size, number of files, or file type that can be uploaded as receipts for an expense?

The maximum number of files that can be attached is 10. Each file must be no larger than 10 MB.

Supported file types are: bmp, csv, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, tif, tiff, xls, xlsx

Is there a limit on the number of notes that can be added?

There is no limit to the number of notes that can be added for each expense.

How do tax rates tie into Expenses?

Admins can configure the Xero or QuickBooks integration to import the relevant tax rates for their business. Expenses can then be classified by expense users according to whichever tax rate is relevant for that expense (e.g. GST, VAT).

If the admin chooses to not import any tax rates from Xero or QuickBooks , when the expense syncs to your accounting provider, it will assign the default tax rate configured for the expense’s assigned chart of account.