Canada Local Transfer Guide

What is a financial institution number and a transit number in Canada?

Airwallex supports CAD Local transfers via Electronic Fund Transactions (EFT), and requires a 3-digit financial institution number (bank code) and a 5-digit transit number (branch code) as routing information to identify the bank and the branch.

Please kindly ask your beneficiaries to always confirm this information with their banks, for inaccurate values may lead to transactions to the wrong accounts, and we cannot guarantee refunds in such events due to local clearing system rules.

You may encounter a single “routing number” for a Canadian bank account in one of the two formats below, each composed of both the financial institution number and the transit number. Please refer to the following instructions to understand how you can obtain our required information from them.

  • 9-digit format like 0YYYXXXXX: a leading zero followed by the 3-digit financial institution number (YYY) and then the 5-digit transit number (XXXXX). This is the routing number format for the EFT system.
  • 8-digit format like XXXXX-YYY: the 5-digit transit number (XXXXX) followed by the 3-digit financial institution number (YYY), connected with a hyphen “-”. This is usually used on MICR-encoded documents, for example, a Canadian cheque.

Where to find the financial institution number and transit number?

The financial institution number and transit number can typically be found on bank/account statements, official bank websites, and bank-issued cheques. Please see some examples below.


You can find the 5-digit transit number and the 3-digit financial institution number at the bottom of a cheque.


Bank statements

The transit number can also be found on bank statements. Please look for the 5-digit number before your account number.


List of financial institutions

You can also refer to the list below for the 3-digit financial institution numbers of Canadian local banks.

Institution Name Financial institution number
Bank of Montreal 001
Scotiabank (The Bank of Nova Scotia) 002
Royal Bank of Canada 003
The Toronto-Dominion Bank 004
National Bank of Canada 006
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 010
HSBC Bank Canada 016
Canadian Western Bank 030
Laurentian Bank of Canada 039
Bank of Canada 177
Alberta Treasury Branches 219
Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. (Canada Branch) 240
Bank of America, National Association 241
The Bank of New York Mellon 242
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Canada) 245
BNP Paribas (Canada) 250
Citibank Canada 260
Deutsche Bank AG 265
Mega International Commercial Bank (Canada) 269
JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association 270
Korea Exchange Bank of Canada 275
Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. Canada Branch 277
UBS Bank (Canada) 290
Société Générale (Canada Branch) 292
State Bank of India (Canada) Alberta 294
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation of Canada 301
Amex Bank of Canada 303
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada) 307
Bank of China (Canada) 308
Citizens Bank of Canada 309
First Nations Bank of Canada 310
BofA Canada Bank 311
J.P. Morgan Bank Canada 314
CTC Bank of Canada 315
U.S. Bank National Association 318
Habib Canadian Bank 321
Rabobank Nederland 322
Capital One Bank (Canada Branch) 323
President’s Choice Financial 326
State Street 327
Citibank N.A. 328
Comerica Bank 330
First Commercial Bank 332
HSBC Bank USA National Association 333
Pacific & Western Bank of Canada 334
United Overseas Bank Limited 335
Maple Bank 336
Canadian Tire Bank 338
UBS AG Canada Branch 339
ICICI Bank Canada 340
Bank West 342
Dundee Bank of Canada 343
General Bank of Canada 344
Fifth Third Bank 345
Société Générale (Canada Branch) Ontario 346
Bridgewater Bank 347
The Northern Trust Company Canada Branch 349
DirectCash Bank 352
Jameson Bank 354
Shinhan Bank Canada 355
M&T Bank 357
HomEquity Bank 358
Walmart Canada Bank 359
Barclay’s Bank PLC Canada Branch 360
MonCana Bank of Canada 361
Community Trust Company 507
The Canada Trust Company 509
Laurentian Trust of Canada Inc. 522
Effort Trust Company 532
Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd. 536
Manulife Bank of Canada 540
CIBC Trust Corporation 548
Montreal Trust Company of Canada 550
Sun Life Financial Trust Inc. 551
Peace Hills Trust Company 568
Royal Trust Company 570
Royal Trust Corporation of Canada 580
National Trust Company 590
Royal Bank Mortgage Corporation 592
TD Mortgage Corporation 597
TD Pacific Mortgage Corporation 603
HSBC Mortgage Corporation (Canada) 604
Scotia Mortgage Corporation 606
CS Alterna Bank 608
ING Bank of Canada 614
B2B Bank (formerly B2B Trust) 618
ResMor Trust Company 620
Peoples Trust Company 621
The Equitable Trust Company 623
Industrial Alliance Trust Inc. 625
Manulife Trust Company 626
Household Trust Company 630
Latvian Credit Union Limited 803
Communication Technologies Credit Union Limited 807
Arnstein Community Credit Union Limited 808
Central 1 Credit Union British Columbia 809
All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Limited 810
La Confédération des Caisses Populaires et D’Économie Desjardins du Québec 815
La Fédération des caisses populaires du Manitoba Inc. 819
Central 1 Credit Union Ontario 828
La Fédération des Caisses Populaires de l’Ontario Inc. 829
Airline Financial Credit Union Limited 830
Meridian Credit Union 837
Atlantic Central 839
Dundalk District Credit Union Limited 840
Alterna Savings and Credit Union 842
Goderich Community Credit Union Limited 844
Ontario Civil Service Credit Union Limited 846
Concentra Financial Services Association 853
Golden Horseshoe Credit Union Limited 854
La Fédération des Caisses Populaires Acadiennes Limitée 865
Credit Union Central of Manitoba Limited 879
Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan 889
Alliance des caisses populaires de l’Ontario Limitée 890
Credit Union Central Alberta Limited 899