Airwallex Pay as a payment method

Overview of Airwallex Pay


What is Airwallex Pay?

Airwallex Pay is a payment method powered by Airwallex that allows payers to use their wallet balances to directly pay for B2B orders. Airwallex Pay is available via our Online Payments, Payment Links, and Xero Invoice Payments product set. 

If you are interested in participating in our pilot program, please let us know here and a member of our team will be in touch. We currently only support businesses with a Hong Kong or Singapore entity. 

Why should I use Airwallex Pay vs. traditional bank transfer or cards?

By using Airwallex Pay and bypassing 3rd party payment rails, both merchants and payers benefit:

  1. Enjoy lower fees than the standard card payments
  2. Reduce payment error as payers do not need to manually input bank or card details when making a payment 
  3. Better experience for your customers as payment can be completed without needing to switch to a banking app
  4. No forced conversion fees when paying in currencies that you hold an Airwallex wallet balance in
  5. Higher success rate vs. card payments on cross-border transactions
  6. Faster settlement time of T+1 instead of T+3 given the Airwallex-owned rails


What does the experience look like?

Check out how you can make a payment through Airwallex Pay when you receive a Payment Link powered by Airwallex. Demo Video Link

Merchant instructions

How do I set-up Airwallex Pay?

If you are interested in participating in our pilot program, please let us know here and a member of our team will be in touch. We currently only support businesses with a Hong Kong or Singapore entity. 

Who can pay with Airwallex Pay?

As part of our pilot, we only support businesses with a Hong Kong or Singapore entity who have sufficient balance in their Airwallex account to make payments with Airwallex Pay. 

What will my customers see when paying via Airwallex Pay

Similar to paying with other e-wallet balances, your customer will need to log in to their Airwallex account before making a payment for the order that you create.

What are the supported order currencies?

The supported currencies with Airwallex Pay are: 



Payer instructions

How do I pay via Airwallex Pay?

In order to make a payment through Airwallex Pay, you will need to log in to your Airwallex account. If you have access to multiple Airwallex accounts, you will be able to choose which account balance to use to make the payment, provided you have ‘purchase’ permission. 

Can I use another currency to pay for the order?

In the pilot phase, you can only make a payment with a balance in the order currency. We will support paying with other currencies for our general release.

Why can’t I see my Airwallex account?

You need to have the “purchase” permission of a verified Airwallex account. The “purchase” permission is automatically assigned to the owner and admins of all Airwallex accounts. To obtain this permission, please reach out to your Airwallex account admin.

Why did my payment fail?

Payment are processed in real time after your confirmation. Payments typically fail due to insufficient balance and risk reasons. 

What currency will I receive refunds in?

You will always receive the settlement funds in the currency that you specify for your orders

How do I submit a dispute?

Airwallex is not responsible for, nor makes any representations or warranties in respect of, the quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of any goods or services that you purchase using Airwallex Pay Service. We are not liable for any loss arising from any merchant refusing to accept your Payment. Any complaints, claims or disputes about any goods or services purchased using Airwallex Pay Service must be resolved directly with the merchant concerned in the transaction. 

You may request to reverse Airwallex Pay Transactions in very limited cases such as fraud or manifest error. In such circumstances, you must make the request in writing to us and we shall determine in our sole discretion whether to accept or reject the request. You may not request to reverse an Airwallex Pay Transaction on the basis of a dispute with the merchant about the related goods and services. 

You must raise a reversal request to us within 120 days of the original Airwallex Pay Transaction and provide us with any information we ask for to support your request. 

If we are satisfied after considering your request that you are entitled to partially or fully reverse the Airwallex Pay Transaction and are able to receive funds returned from the relevant merchants, the reversed amount will be credited to your Airwallex account in the original currency of the Airwallex Pay Transaction.