Request for refund of closed account balance

If your Airwallex account has been closed and your account balance needs to make a refund, acceptable bank accounts and required information are as follows:

Ⅰ. Acceptable bank accounts (the following options are arranged in descending order of priority):

1. the highest priority is the client's bank account with the same name, that is, the account opened by the client company itself in other banks;

2. or the bank account with the same name of the account legal person;

3. or the bank account with the same name of one of UBO;

4. or a bank account with the same name of one of the directors;

5. or, if you confirm that you can't provide any of these bank accounts in 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 and need to return the funds to a third party's company or individual account, please contact us to provide us with the required materials, and we will return them after the internal compliance audit is passed.

Ⅱ. Please provide the following information in English or Pinyin:

1. Account name:

2. Bank account:

3. SWIFT code:

4. Bank name:

5. Collection currency:

We recommend that you give priority to providing the bank account number of offshore RMB or foreign currency that can accept cross-border transfer; If you specify the receiving currency as onshore RMB, please report to the receiving bank by yourself.

You can send the receipt account information to through the account-bound mailbox. Thank you.