How do I receive my Rewards?

This article explains, generally, how Airwallex's rewards work and how rewards can be provided to those who are eligible.

Airwallex provides you with the opportunity to participate in promotional campaigns occasionally, which can enable you to earn monetary rewards. Each campaign will have specific criteria for earning these rewards, such as reaching a minimum spending threshold within a specified time period or adopting a new product or service.

Your earned rewards will generally be given to you in two ways:

  1. Credits will be applied to your monthly invoice to offset any fees charged by us. The remaining amount will then be deposited into your wallet. These credits will be listed as "Rewards," "Bonus Cash," or "Cashback" on your invoice.
  2. Adjustments will be posted directly to your wallet at regular intervals. You can view these adjustments in your Transaction history.


Every campaign has its own specific configuration regarding the method through which you will receive your Rewards.

You can see all the details of the campaigns you are enrolled in by going to the 'Rewards' tab of the Airwallex webapp, selecting your region and clicking on the individual campaign's name.