How do I receive my Rewards?

This article explains, generally, how Airwallex's rewards work and how rewards can be provided to those who are eligible.

Airwallex offers you the opportunity to participate in promotional campaigns from time to time that may allow you to earn monetary rewards. Each campaign will have its own criteria for how you earn these rewards, such as meeting a minimum spending threshold within a limited time frame, or adopting a new product or service. 

Your earned rewards will generally be given to you in two ways:

  1. They will be posted as a credit on your monthly invoice, offsetting any fees that we charge you first before any net positive amount is deposited into your wallet. These will appear under a line item called "Rewards", "Bonus Cash", or "Cashback".
  2. They will be posted directly as Adjustments in your wallet periodically, which you can view in your Transaction history


Each campaign has its own configuration for how you will receive your Rewards.

You can see all the details of the campaigns you are enrolled in by going to the Rewards section of the Airwallex webapp and clicking on the individual campaign's name.