Why connect Airwallex to Xero?

Airwallex’s integration with Xero offers users a one stop shop solution to streamline their accounting processes. Our suite of products includes:

  1. Xero Bank Feed - Reconcile account balance affecting transactions in multiple currencies
  2. Xero Expenses and Bills - Augment your Airwallex Expense Management experience by importing chart of accounts, tracking categories, and tax rates to code expenses directly in Airwallex
  3. Xero Invoice Payment - Embed Airwallex’s multi-currency checkout pages directly into invoices issued in Xero, allowing customers to pay by card or local payment methods
  4. Xero Online Payments Feed - Reconcile your online payments activity with itemised breakdown of sales, refunds, and fees. If you don't connect Xero Online Payments Feed in addition to Xero Bank Feed, you will only see a "batch payout" transaction in your Xero Bank Feed which takes more time for you to reconcile.

What Xero integrations do I have to enable?

Please refer to the below matrix for the Xero capabilities required for different use cases: 

Use cases Xero Bank Feed Xero Expenses Data Xero Invoice Payment Xero Online Payments Feed
Sync transactions and reconcile wallet balances      
Code expenses to your chart of accounts, tracking categories, tax rates and contacts directly within Airwallex and sync expenses data to Xero    
Receive invoice payments with Airwallex      
Receive itemised breakdown of online payments activity