How do I set up my Xero Bank Feed?

If you are a user of Xero and wish to link your Airwallex Bank Feed to your Xero account, kindly follow the instructions provided below. Please check that you have an “Admin” in User Management to manage Xero connections. Refer to our guide to manage user permissions. It is important to note that the bank feed connection will only sync transactions that impact your currency wallets. We also provide several other Xero connections which can be found in our additional help articles.

Steps to Connect Bank Feed

Step 1. Login to your Airwallex account.

Step 2. Go to 'Account' > 'Connections' in the left-hand side menu, select the "Xero" tile under Accounting service. Then, click on "Bank Feed" to start the connecting




Step 3. If you are not already logged into Xero, you will be prompted to log in using your Xero credentials.

Step 4. You will be directed to the Xero authorization page. Select 'Allow access' to allow Airwallex to connect to your Xero account.

Xero - Allow Access.png

Step 5. Choose the organisation within your Xero account that you want to connect to Airwallex. The organisation should correspond to the legal entity associated with the Airwallex account. Each Airwallex account can only connect to one organisation.


In some cases, a connection could fail even if a user is actually connected. 


This happens when you have to select a Xero organisation. You can resolve this issue by clicking “Select organisation” from the “Connect to Xero” dropdown (Step 5). If the connection still fails after you have selected a Xero organisation, please contact our customer support team.

Note: Each Airwallex account can only be connected to a single Xero account. For example, if you have three different legal entities, then you should create three organisations in Xero (each organisation in Xero represents one legal entity) and then connect the corresponding Airwallex account for each entity to the corresponding Xero organisation. However, you can connect an indefinite number of Airwallex accounts to a single Xero account. 


Step 6. You will be taken back to Airwallex to confirm the organization you want to connect. Choose 'Confirm and continue' to establish the account connection. You now have an authorized and active account connection.

Step 7. Select the currencies for which you want to create a bank feed in Xero. Once selected and confirmed, you will have a new bank feed under the specified currency in Xero. We recommend connecting all currencies that you may transact in at any point in the future.

Note: Basic Xero accounts only allow a connection in your home currency. To select multiple currencies for bank feed, you will need a premium Xero account.

xero currencies.pngNote: Airwallex uses a standardised account naming for each Airwallex account, which is AWX_{acct nickname}_{CCY} where CCY is the currency of the wallet balance. This naming format helps prevent duplicate account names when customers select a Xero account that is already connected to another Airwallex account. While you are allowed to rename this in Xero, it is not recommended.

Step 8. You will be prompted to connect the Xero Expenses and Bills connection. You may choose to do this now or come back to it later.

Step 9. Select 'Save and finish', and your transactions will now automatically sync to Xero hourly. The initial sync will import the last 24 hours of transactions. If you want to sync older transactions, click "Sync older transactions".

xero is connected.png

Note: It is normal that the bank account numbers appearing on your connected Xero accounts is different. This is because you're connected to Xero by your multi-currency Airwallex Wallet and not your Airwallex Global accounts. As the bank account number field is a requirement on Xero’s platform, Xero assigns a random number upon successful connection. You’re allowed to edit this number on XERO here and it will not impact the connection set between Airwallex wallet and Xero.