How do I update my Xero Expenses and Bills integration?

If you’d like to update the accounting data (e.g., chart of accounts, tracking categories, tax rates, and contacts) imported from Xero into Airwallex, you can do so on the Xero Expenses and Bills homepage in Connections.

Step 1. Navigate to the main Connections page located under Account and select the Xero Expenses and Bills tile


This page displays the data that you had previously imported from Xero for your chart of accounts, tracking categories, tax rates, and contacts.

expenses connections.png

Step 2. If you’ve made any changes in Xero, we recommend that you refresh your Xero data in Airwallex by clicking “Refresh data” to ensure your expense data continues to sync successfully to Xero. Refreshing your data in Airwallex will ensure that your accounting data in Airwallex remains consistent with your accounting data in Xero. 

If you’ve added new accounting data in Xero, they will now show up in Airwallex. If you’ve archived any existing accounting in Xero, they will be removed from Airwallex. And if you’ve renamed any accounting data in Xero, their new names will be reflected in Airwallex as well.

refresh data.png

Step 3. For each of the accounting data types (excluding contacts), you can click 'Edit selection' to update which values you’d like to surface to your employees when they’re submitting their expenses.

Screenshot 138.png

Important note: Refreshing your Xero data in Airwallex is particularly important if you’ve archived any tracking categories or tax rates in Xero. Currently, if you approve and sync an expense or bill to Xero with an archived tracking category or tax rate selected, the submission will still successfully sync to Xero. The tracking category field will be left blank and the tax rate field will have the default tax rate configured for the selected account.