How do I create and send a Xero invoice using the Airwallex payment service?


  1. Create a new invoice in Xero.
  2. Select “Airwallex” as the payment method (if you selected a branding theme with Airwallex set as the default payment service, Airwallex will be automatically selected as the payment service).
  3. Complete invoice details and send to your customer.
  4. When your customer opens the Xero invoice URL, a “Pay now” button will appear at the top of their invoice.
  5. Once your customer clicks the “Pay now” button, he/she will be directed to an Airwallex checkout page with the invoice amount, your business name and invoice number pre-populated.
  6. Your customer will be able to select the payment method of their choice and pay the invoice.
  7. Once paid, you will receive a payment receipt email to your business email address and your invoice will be marked as “Paid” in Xero to help track invoice status.