How do I reconcile payments against Invoices?

How the settlement process works:

When you create an invoice in Xero and select Airwallex as the payment service, we will create a checkout page that your customers can use to pay the invoice. When your customers pay the invoice, the payment amount will be posted to the invoice and the "AWX - {CCY} Invoices" account in Xero where CCY is the currency of the invoice (e.g. HKD, AUD, EUR, THB). 

For more information about how settlement works for your Airwallex account, see this article: I have questions about the settlement of funds using Online Payments

How to reconcile your settlement amount to your invoices?

You will need to set up the Airwallex Online Payments Feed to get detailed transaction information about your online payment sales, fees, and refunds. 

Below is an illustration of the end-to-end flow for reconciling Airwallex invoices in Xero.

  1. Seller issues an invoice in Xero
  2. Customer pays the invoice using AWX UI
  3. Once paid, the customer will see a payment receipt
  4. Seller will see a payment posted to the issued invoice and can view payment details in Xero
  5. After the payment has been settled to the seller’s account, the seller can proceed with reconciliation. To reconcile this payment, seller can go to the "Airwallex Online Payments - {CCY}" Bank Account in Xero to see the details of online payment transactions

  6. Transfer the payment amount to the "AWX - {CCY} Invoices" account. Due to the matching Reference, Xero should automatically match the transaction for you (just need to hit "OK")
  7. Match Airwallex surcharges and fees to an appropriate account
  8. Then, match the Batch Settlement by performing a transfer to the Bank Feed Bank Account representing the Wallet (Account should be named "AWX_{account nickname}_{CCY}")
  9. Finally, the seller can go to the Bank Feed Bank Account to confirm the Transfer.