Xero Connections FAQs - Invoice payment and online payment feed


How do I troubleshoot my Xero Invoice Payment connection?

If your Xero bank feed is already connected, ensure that you are using the same Xero account and organisation to connect to the “Xero invoice payments” integration. 

If you have previously enabled the “Xero Invoice Payment” integration or have previously used payment links with your Xero invoices, please check that you do not already have a payment service named “Airwallex” within your Xero settings. If so, please delete that existing payment service and try again.


How do I disconnect my Xero Invoice Payment connection?

  1. To disconnect, please navigate to your Xero settings and delete “Airwallex” as a payment service.
  2. Once deleted, you will no longer be able to accept payments on your Xero invoices via an Airwallex payment link


My customer has paid an invoice issued in Xero via the pay now button. How should my Airwallex invoice account, online payments account and bank feed account work thereafter?

When an invoice is paid, Airwallex posts a payment to the ""AWX - {CCY} Invoices" account. Once the payment is settled in your Airwallex wallet, we post the payment amount and fees into the "Airwallex Online Payments {Currency}" account. {CCY} is the currency of the wallet balance.

You should reconcile by

  1. Transferring the invoice amount from "AWX - {CCY} Invoices" account to the "AWX Online Payments {Currency}" account
  2. Reconciling any transaction fees (e.g. payment method fees, gateway fees) into a Bank Fees account
  3. Transferring the settlement amount in "AWX Online Payments {Currency}" account to the Xero bank feed account

At the end of the day, the Airwallex invoice account and online payments account should have a balance of 0. Refer to the “How do I reconcile payments against Invoices” for a step by step guide.


I have received payments from my customers through the Airwallex link, why are the transactions in invoices feed still showing as unreconciled ?

Even if an invoice has been paid, you will still need to reconcile it against the transaction in your invoices account.