How can I check login history of my account?

This article aims to provide an explanation of the process for checking the devices and times associated with login activity on your account. This may be relevant and important to you, as it provides valuable insights into the security of your account. By monitoring the login activity, you can identify any unauthorised access, be alerted to suspicious logins, and take prompt action to enhance the overall security of your online presence. Understanding the history of account access allows you to maintain better control over your personal information, ensuring a safer and more secure online experience.

What is a login session?

A login session refers to a specific time frame in which an individual is logged into their Airwallex account using either a browser or a mobile application. Each time a user logs in and is required to re-enter their password, a new login session is initiated. It is common to have multiple sessions associated with a single device.

For further details regarding a login session, we collect information regarding the operating system, application, and location of the device from which Airwallex is accessed. It is important to note that in certain instances, the provided information may be subject to inaccuracies.

How do I view my sessions?

You have the ability to review your login sessions within the previous 28-day period.

  1. Access your user profile
  2. In the top panel, choose the option for Security
  3. Observe your login sessions at the bottom of the page

How do I log out a session I no longer use?

To log out of a session go to User profile > Security > Login sessions

  • Logout from all other sessions: This action will terminate all active sessions except for the one from which you are initiating the request.
  • Logout from selected session: Only the selected session will be terminated.

By logging out from a selected session or all other sessions, any saved browsers for 2FA will also be removed. The next time you log in, 2FA will be required.

What does the status of a login session mean?

A login session can exist in three different statuses:

  1. Current: This refers to the session that you are currently using to access your login sessions. To log out of your current session, navigate to your profile located in the top right corner and click on the "log out" option.
  2. Active: An active session indicates that the device has ongoing access to Airwallex without the need for additional authentication such as a password or 2FA (two-factor authentication). You have the ability to log out of any active session in the session history.
  3. Logged out: Logged out sessions are no longer valid for accessing Airwallex without reauthentication. If you have chosen to remember certain browsers, logging in again may only require your password and not 2FA. If you wish to invalidate all remembered browsers, you can log out of selected or all other sessions.