Login sessions

What is a session?

A login session is a period of time during which you are logged into your Airwallex account from a browser or a mobile app. A login session will be created every time you log in and have to re-enter your password. It is normal to have multiple sessions for one device.

For additional info about a login session we provide the operating system, application and location from the device you are accessing Airwallex from. Please note that the provided information can be inaccurate in some cases.

How do I view my sessions?

You can view your login sessions from the past 28 days.

  1. Go to your user profile
  2. On the top panel, select Security
  3. View your login sessions at the bottom

How do I log out a session I no longer use?

To log out a session go to User profile > Security > Login sessions

  • Log out of all other sessions: This will log out all sessions except the one you are initiating the request from.
  • Log out selected session: Only the selected session will end. 

Logging out a selected or all other sessions will also remove any remembered browsers for 2FA. 2FA will be required the next time you log in.

What does the status of a login session mean?

A login session can be in three different statuses:

  1. Current: The session you are using to view your login sessions. To log out your current session go to your profile on the top right corner and click log out.
  2. Active: An active sessions means that the device has access to Airwallex without the need for reauthentication (password, 2FA). You can log out any active session in the session history.
  3. Logged out: Logged out sessions cannot be used to access Airwallex without reauthentication. If you have remembered browsers, logging in again might only require your password but not 2FA. If you want to invalidate all remembered browsers, you can log out a selected or all other sessions.