Bank Feed

What does the Sage Bank Feed integration offer and why should I connect?

Airwallex pushes customers’ transaction data to their connected Sage account every hour. This process is called a sync, and all the synced transactions are referred to as bank feeds in Sage.

You can now set up a bank feed for each currency balance you have in Airwallex, allowing you to auto-sync and easily reconcile Airwallex transactions in Sage.

How do I connect to Sage?

You will initiate the connection from your Sage product. 

Connecting to a bank feed may vary, depending on your Sage product. For product-specific bank feed support, check your Sage product help portal.

How to connect an Airwallex account to your bank account in Sage (Sage Intacct illustration)

1. Log in to your Sage product and initiate a bank connection.



2. Search "Airwallex" in the search bar. Choose United Kingdom as the region if you are operating from the UK.


3. You will be redirected to Airwallex to give authorisation using your Airwallex account credentials.




4. Choose an Airwallex account to sync to your Sage product. Our standardised account naming convention for each Airwallex account is AWX_{account nickname}_{CCY}, where CCY represents the currency of the wallet balance. Please ensure that the currency of the Airwallex account you choose matches the currency of the corresponding bank account in your Sage product.


5. Select a start date for transaction syncing.

**Please note that re-syncing transactions is not available, so choose your start date carefully**


6. Once in the connected state, your bank transactions will appear in your Sage product.



What data is shared with Sage?

- Account Details 

- Account Transactions 

- Statements

How do I disconnect Sage Bank Feeds?

You can only terminate a connection from within your Sage product. For product-specific bank feed support, check your Sage product help portal.

How often does Airwallex sync transactions to Sage?

Airwallex syncs transactions to Sage every hour, but the actual frequency at which Sage products pick up these transactions may vary. Most Sage products attempt to pull transactions at least every two hours.

What should I do if I have connectivity issues or I am missing transactions?

If you encounter any connectivity issues or find that transactions are missing, please first reach out to your Sage customer support team. They will review your requests and, if necessary, escalate the matter to the Airwallex team for further assistance.