Why can't I locate the account I want to connect to Shopify?

When installing the Shopify Card Payments app you will be asked to connect an Airwallex account to accept Online Payments on your Shopify store’s checkout page.

If you don’t find any eligible Airwallex accounts to connect or the account you intend to connect is not showing up as an option, check that the account follows the requirements below:

1. You must be the Admin or Owner role of this account. 

Log into the Airwallex webapp and choose the account you want to connect on the top left hand side. Then click on the user icon on the top right hand side to see what user role access you have for that account.


If you do not have the Admin or Owner role for this account, contact the Admin or Owner of this account to grant you access in the “Account” > “User Management” section of the webapp.

2. Online Payments is activated on this account.

Log into the Airwallex webapp and click into the “Payments” tab on the left hand side. If Online Payments hasn’t been activated on this account then the page will prompt you to do so. Once you complete the process of activating Online Payments, you will be able to connect this account to your Shopify store.

Once both requirements are met, go into your Shopify settings and try to connect your Airwallex account again. You should see the accounts you want to connect show up as eligible accounts now.

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