I made a mistake with my payout

If you have made an error with your transfer and wish to cancel it, we may be able to provide assistance in cancelling it prior to dispatch. However, please be aware that transfers are typically dispatched immediately in most cases. Therefore, we highly recommend that you thoroughly verify all transfer details, such as the beneficiary's bank information, payout amount, and currency, before initiating the transfer. For more information, please continue reading below.

Scenario 1. Your payout has not dispatched yet

If the status of your payout is 'processing' or 'in-review', we kindly request that you contact our customer support team to request a cancellation. Please ensure that you include a payment short reference when making this request so that we can promptly locate the payment. The payment short reference typically follows this format: P20240129-ABCDEFG. Upon receipt of your request, we will assess your payout and provide advise on the cancellation status.

Note: In the event that your payment involved an underlying conversion, it is not possible to cancel the conversion itself while still being able to cancel the payment from being processed. This means that if the payout cancellation is successful, you will still be required to settle this conversion by funding your account with the 'sell' currency.

Scenario 2. If your payment has dispatched

After a payout has been dispatched, it is important to note that we depend on the cooperation of the beneficiary bank in order to process our requests. Therefore, we kindly request your cooperation during this process as well.

There was an error in the account details of the recipient

If you have sent a payment to an intended recipient, but have provided incorrect bank details, it is likely that the payment will fail and be returned to your account. The duration of this return process depends on the recipient's bank. To expedite this process, you may request the recipient to contact their bank and instruct them to reject the payment, resulting in the funds being returned to us. Once the funds have been returned to us, the payment status will be updated to 'Failed'. At this point, we will be able to 'Cancel' the payment and return the funds to your wallet. Please be aware that we will return the payout amount and currency. If the payout currency cannot be held in your wallet, we will return the source amount and currency.

Sent to the wrong beneficiary

In the event of an incorrect transfer to a beneficiary, the most straightforward approach to retrieve the funds is to contact the beneficiary directly and request them to return the money to your account.

If you are unable to do so or if the beneficiary does not respond, please contact our customer support team. We might be able to initiate a payment recall through our banking partner. However, please note the following:

  • Not all of our banking partners offer this option
  • There may be a nominal fee imposed by our banking partner for initiating a payment recall, and the fee amount varies depending on the specific banking partner used. Our customer support team will inform you of the applicable fee, which will be deducted from your wallet
  • It is important to note that payment recalls are not guaranteed to be successful as they necessitate the cooperation of all banks involved in the transaction, and such cooperation is not obligatory. Furthermore, if the payment has already been credited to the beneficiary's account, the beneficiary must also consent to the payment return request
  • The process of payment recalls can take up to 4-6+ weeks to be completed