I made a mistake with my payout

If your payment is not yet dispatched

Please get in touch with the customer support team as quickly as possible. We will be able to cancel a payout before it's been dispatched. In this case, the any associated payment fees are not returned to the wallet.


If your payment has dispatched

A typo in the beneficiary account details used

Your payment should fail and bounce back to your account. The time taken for the payment to be returned to your Airwallex account depends on the beneficiary bank.


Sent to the wrong beneficiary

The easiest way to return the money is to reach out to the beneficiary and ask them to send the money back to your account.

If you cannot do this or the beneficiary hasn't responded, please get in touch with the customer support team. We may be able to request a payment recall through the banking partner to try get this back. However please be aware that:

  • This is not an option for all our banking partners
  • There is sometimes small fee charged by our banking partner to recall a payment which is different depending on the banking partner used. The customer support team will make you aware of the associated fee, which will be deducted from your wallet
  • Payment recalls are not guaranteed to work: they require the cooperation of all banks involved in the transaction and they are not required to cooperate; if the payment has been credited into the beneficiary's account, they also have to accept the payment return request
  • Payment recalls can take up to 4-6+ weeks to return