Admin Guide: Paying a bill

This guide will walk you through how to pay bills as an Admin on the web app.

In order to pay a bill with a transfer, users must have the “Bill pay admin” permission and the Transfer Edit permission. For more information on permissions, check out this article.

Step 1: Log in to your Airwallex account and navigate to Bills

Screenshot 9.png

Step 2: Find the list of bills that have been approved and are awaiting payment

To quickly find the list of bills awaiting payment, you can either filter the Bills list for the bill status “Awaiting payment” or select “Pay bills” in the summary tile at the top of the Bills home page. You will also be able to easily see which bills are due for payment soonest.

Screenshot 10.png

Step 3: Select the bill to be paid

Click into an individual bill to open the bill and provide the payment information. You will be able to see the original uploaded invoice as well as key details about the bill such as the bill description, bill amount, vendor, invoice date, due date, invoice number.

Alternatively, you can pay multiple bills at the same time, by selecting the checkboxes for various bills that are “awaiting payment” and selecting “Pay bills”. From here you will be able to view the relevant details of selected bills, and specify payment amounts for each bill.

Step 4: Select the transfer recipient

You can select from a list of existing recipients in the account to whom you want to make the bill payment. If the recipient you need to pay does not yet exist in the account, you can add a new recipient. You can only pay a recipient that has the same account currency as the bill currency. For example, if the bill is an AUD bill, you can only pay an AUD recipient.

Step 5: Enter the payment amount

The payment currency will always be the bill currency, meaning that if you pay an AUD bill, the recipient will always receive the payment in AUD. By default, the payment amount is set to the bill amount, but you are able to edit the payment amount if needed.

Step 6: Select the funding currency

You can choose which wallet currency to fund the transaction from. For example, if you do not have enough balance in your AUD wallet for an AUD bill payment, you can fund the AUD bill payment from your USD wallet.

Step 7: Select the transfer date

You can select from the available transfer dates for the selected recipient and their transfer method.

Step 8: Confirm payment

Once you’ve made all the relevant selections, you can click “Confirm payment” to create the transfer payment. Once the payment has been created, the status of the bill will change to “Payment in progress” if you’ve created a full payment or remain as “Awaiting payment” if you’ve created a partial payment. Only after the bill has been fully paid with a transfer that has been successfully approved and sent will the bill status update to “Paid”.

Screenshot 11.png


  1. Once the transfer payment has been created, if your account has transfer approvals set up, the transfer will need to be approved before it can be sent to the recipient.
  2. If the transfer payment fails, the bill will transition back to an “Awaiting payment” status with an error alert to let you know that the previous payment failed.
  3. On their bank statement, recipients will see that the payment is from your company and for a specific invoice. For example, if your company name is Laugh Depot, and you received Invoice 5432 from your vendor Sunny’s Toys, when you pay the bill from Airwallex, Sunny’s Toys will see the following reference for the payment: “Laugh Depot Invoice 5432 payment”.