How to import bills from Xero into Airwallex?

Only admins can import bills from Xero into Airwallex to pay. To do so, from the Bills homepage, select “Import bills from Xero”.

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The following bills will be imported from Xero:

  1. All bills with the Xero status “Awaiting payment”
  2. All bills that have not already been partially paid in Xero
  3. All bills that have not already been imported into Airwallex

Once imported, these bills will show up in the Bills list as “Awaiting payment” bills that can then be paid.


  1. Bills mapped to any archived accounting values (e.g., archived chart of account, archived tax rate etc) will not be imported
  2. Xero expense reimbursements will not be imported
  3. If changes are made to bills in Xero after they’ve been imported into Airwallex, the changes will not update the corresponding previously imported bill in Airwallex
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