How do I enable Apple Pay (Express Checkout) on my Shopify store?

How can I enable Apple Pay (Express Checkout) on Shopify?

You can enable Apple Pay (Express checkout) by following this guide

I am unable to save the settings in Shopify. What do I do next? 

Shopify's risk settings are blocking your particular store from offering Apple Pay. This risk setting, in many cases, is set by Shopify on Apple Pay's feedback. This blocking at merchant level will happen for all PSPs for such merchants' sites. 

To enable Apple Pay if you cant save, you can write in to Shopify support using the following template and request that they enable it for you. 

Support Template: 

Hi Shopify Team,

I need your support to address a configuration issue I am encountering while configuring Apple Pay for my Shopify stores, <insert URL of the affected stores>.

I am unable to select Apple Pay in our card payment configuration despite selecting and clicking on save (<attach video recording of the issue if possible>.  Our payment provider Airwallex's Shopify partner manager (in line with this community thread) has advised us to reach out to Shopify support and check if we have been blocked by Shopify's risk settings for Apple Pay.  If so, we request for a review of these risk settings by the Payments team since we believe that we meet the Apple requirements and Apple's Terms of Service, and help us to enable Apple Pay on our store.  <Preferred: We are already enabling Google Pay on our store via our provider, Airwallex's card payments app.>

Appreciate a quick resolution of this, since not being able to configure Apple Pay on my stores is leading to loss of potential sales, and sub-optimal shopping experience for my customers.  Let me know if your team has any concerns or issues that I can address.

Thank you.