Forwarding bills to Airwallex via email

With email forwarding, Airwallex users can create draft bills in their account via forwarding a bill attachment to a custom email address.

All “Bill pay users” can forward bill attachments via email, but only “Bill pay admins” will be able to set-up and change the custom forwarding email address.

Enabling email forwarding

To enable email forwarding, a "Bill pay admin" can navigate to the Bills tab and select the option to "enable email forwarding." They can then set a custom email address. Please note only lower case letters, numbers, hyphens, periods and underscores are supported in the email.

Screenshot 24.png

Editing email address

“Bill pay admins” can also update their designated email address, in Bill settings. Note only one email address can be active per account, so if an admin changes an email address, the current email address will be invalid and all new bills must be forwarded to the new email address for users in the account.

Screenshot 25.png

Forwarding emails

All users within the Airwallex account can create bills by emailing bill attachments to the designated email address. These bill attachments will be then created as draft bills in Airwallex. Note Airwallex will only create bills if the document is included as an attachment in the email or embedded within the email.