I have orders that are pending for a long time in Shopify. What could be the reason?

There may be certain orders in your Shopify store that are currently in a pending status. This is typically caused by the payment method selected by the customer. An example of such a case is depicted in the screenshot below, where a payment of 200 EUR is currently pending.

This issue may occur in the following scenarios:

  1. The shopper accesses the payment method website to initiate the payment process but abandons it before completion.
  2. The shopper selects a payment method that requires offline payment at a physical store, such as 7 Eleven.

All payment sessions are subject to an expiry/session time, which can be found in our payment methods documentation. Once this time has elapsed and the shopper has not successfully completed the payment, the payment will expire and fail, resulting in the cancellation of the order. The specific expiry time varies depending on the chosen payment method.

How do I check session times?

To access the Payment Methods Overview, please click on the following link: Payment Methods Overview. Once you have accessed the overview, select the payment method that you are interested in. To determine the unique expiry time for that specific payment method, refer to the "Session timeout" information. Please note that certain payment methods, such as Konbini, have longer session times. This is intentional and allows the shopper more time to complete the payment in-store.