How to link your external bank account based in Hong Kong SAR via deposit verification

If you are a customer who has been onboarded to Airwallex Hong Kong and would like to connect an external bank account, please refer to the following instructions to complete the setup process. For customers with an Australian or US entity, please consult the guide provided here.

How can I link my external bank account?

Step 1. Click into 'Wallet' > 'Linked Accounts' and select 'Link external bank account'

Step 2. Enter the details of your external bank account in Hong Kong SAR

Choose the bank account holder from the provided list, which consists of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and individuals associated with your account that you have provided to Airwallex during the onboarding process.

Kindly ensure that you modify the bank account name to precisely match the name recorded at your financial institution (e.g. from ABC Inc. to ABC Ltd.).

Enter your bank account information, verify its accuracy, and click on the submit button.


Once you have successfully added your external bank account, you should see that it is now “Pending verification”.

Step 3. Verify your linked bank account

Log in to your bank account and make a deposit to your Airwallex account, by sending funds to the account details shown on the screen.

We will use details contained in your deposit to verify that the bank account details match the ones you have provided. After verification, your Linked Bank Account’s status will become “Active” and you will receive a confirmation email.

Any funds received will be credited to your Airwallex wallet balance, regardless of whether the verification was successful.

What do the different statuses mean?

Pending verification - We are yet to receive a deposit from this Linked Bank Account
Active -
This Linked Bank Account has been successfully verified after receiving your deposit.

Failed verification - We failed to verify this Linked Bank Account using the deposit that was sent

Why did my Linked Bank Account fail to verify?

If the bank details contained in your deposit do not match the bank account name and number you provided, your Linked Bank Account status will appear as “Failed verification”. Please check that you have entered your external bank account details correctly.

You can add a different Linked Bank Account, or reach out for support if you did not expect the verification to fail.