How to link your eBay account to your Global Account to make local payments to China

Due to local regulations, payments into various countries, including China, may require underlying order details to be submitted. To facilitate information collection and prevent unnecessary delays/rejections, you can link your eBay store to your Global Account. This article explains how to do this.
If you link multiple eBay stores to your Global Account, please log out your current eBay account in your browser and follow these steps.
Step 1. Open Global Accounts page and select 'Connect to marketplace'
Step 2. Select eBay
Step 3. Click 'Connect to eBay account' button
Step 4. You will be redirected to eBay.  Sign in with your eBay username and password.
Note: If you have already linked a store to your Global Account, you will need to log out of the current store on the eBay platform and enter the username and password of the additional store to be linked after you select 'Connect to marketplace'.
Step 5. Review the policy and then select I agree to grant Airwallex access
Step 6. Please wait for the authorisation result
Step 7. A notification will appear to confirm that you have successfully linked your eBay platform, with account details presented on screen
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