What currencies are supported by the Airwallex Borderless Card?

Airwallex issued cards are multi-currency and can be used for transactions in any currency supported by Visa, as long as you have sufficient balance in your Airwallex account to cover the transaction.

Direct Billing Currencies

For a transaction in a currency we offer Direct Billing in (see table below), we will directly debit your Airwallex multi currency account in that currency without any further hidden charges or conversion fees. For example, for a GBP transaction, your GBP wallet will be debited.

Direct Billing is offered by Airwallex in the following currencies:

# Currency Code Currency Name
1 AUD Australian dollar
2 SGD Singapore dollar
3 HKD Hong Kong dollar
4 GBP British pound
5 USD United States dollar
6 EUR Euro
7 JPY Japanese yen
8 CAD Canadian dollar
9 NZD New Zealand dollar
10 CHF Swiss Franc

All Other Visa Currencies

For a transaction in all other currencies, we will debit an equivalent amount from your Base Currency wallet (AUD for Australia). In this case, the conversion rate we use will be based on Visa’s daily rate. For eg, for an AED transaction, your AUD wallet will be debited for an equivalent amount based on Visa's daily rate.

Examples of other currencies*:

*A full list of currencies supported by Visa can be viewed here.

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