What do "user" and "role" mean in an Airwallex account?

You have the option to grant multiple individuals access to your Airwallex account with either limited or full privileges, depending on your requirements. When you add a person to your account, they become a 'user' and their level of access is determined by their assigned role. For instance, one of the default system roles we offer is 'Cardholder', which allows users to view and manage the cards assigned to them.

Once you add a user to your account by providing their email address, they will receive an email prompting them to activate their account by setting up login credentials. These credentials will be necessary for them to access their Airwallex account.

User: The operator. Depending on the requirements of your organisation, it is possible to include multiple employees as users, in addition to yourself, and assign a suitable role to each user for customised rights management. Each user is required to log in using their individual email address and password. According to specific requirements, you have the ability to assign distinct roles to your users, thereby ensuring the security of your information and funds from various perspectives.

Role: In order to enhance your ability to manage user access levels, you have the option to create multiple roles with different permissions. These roles can be tailored to control various functions such as transaction authorization, wallet management, conversion, payment, and others, ensuring the security of the account. Depending on the specific fields that users need access to, you can assign them view or edit access, or completely hide certain sections.

⚠️Note: You can assign the same role to multiple users at the same time.